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Kitchen Floor Ideas

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Kitchen Floor Ideas for Your Home

Designing a kitchen is a special task in your home: it’s the place that brings warmth and great memories of special meals marking holidays and meaningful moments. An inspired culinary space will produce delicious results, with color schemes just as rich as the flavors created through the years. Different kitchen flooring materials will produce different feels and also lend different performance attributes.


Best Flooring Ideas for Your Living Room and Kitchen

Many flooring options work for kitchens, but open-concept kitchen and living room setups require a unique approach. While carpet is ideal for living rooms, it's not recommended for open-concept living room and kitchen combos due to the moisture and likelihood of accidents in the kitchen. Instead, consider water-resistant luxury vinyl, waterproof vinyl, or water-resistant hardwood for your open-concept space. Tile is another excellent hard-surface flooring option for kitchens and living rooms, as it resists water, scuffs, and stains. These flooring choices ensure durability and style for your open-concept kitchen and living room.


These kitchen floor ideas are surefire recipes for completely satisfying results:


large white floor tiles in a modern kitchen with yellow bar stools



Tile Kitchen Flooring Ideas


Ceramic tile is timeless and allows you create a completely unique kitchen space. You can literally use tile to design a kitchen that gives you a sleek, retro, modern, chic or one-of-a-kind feel. Not only is tile water resistant, easy-to-clean and durable, it’s a great kitchen floor option as far as pattern and color is concerned. In addition to kitchen floor tiles, you can coordinate with your counters, walls and backsplashes to create an unforgettable room. So if you thought of tile as only small squares, think again: Today’s tile options come in large planks with wide widths and longer lengths for even more design capability. Pro tip: Keep your grout lines as small as you can to making cleaning more effective.

wood look luxury vinyl floors in a warm rustic kitchen



Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Ideas


The vinyl floors of today are not the same as your Grandmother’s kitchen, they are incredible. While sheet vinyl and vinyl tile are still great options for resilient, moisture resistant kitchen floors, Luxury Vinyl Tile has been a complete game-changer in terms of fashion and durability. Today’s LVT planks are available in the hottest plank sizes and have more realistic texture than ever. On the performance side, you can select LVT with maximum water resistance or supreme durability. With LVT, you can capture a wood or stone visual on a surface that is more budget-friendly and tremendously easy to install. If you have an active home with kids and pets, this quick installation may be a great selling point since it won’t limit access to one of the most popular rooms in the home!

medium brown wood-look laminate flooring in a brown modern kitchen



Laminate Kitchen Flooring Ideas


Among all of the flooring ideas that you consider for your kitchen, laminate flooring is a must as well. With a sweet spot between vinyl and natural wood, laminates floors are popular for their enhanced realism, durability, easy maintenance, easy floating installation and decent resistance to water. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, there is a good chance that you will find a laminate product in contention for your kitchen. However, all laminate products are created differently, so look for a product that has higher moisture resistance. Plus, it may be wise to install a thin foam padding underneath to help insulate noise and add comfort. Remember that laminate cannot be refinished like actual wood so choose a product with the longest warranty possible, a 25 year guarantee is preferable. And as we always like to mention, choosing a laminate with the NALFA (North American Laminate Flooring Association) Certification Seal will ensure that the durability you need in your kitchen will be delivered as advertised.

rustic hardwood flooring in a stunning large kitchen with two islands



Installing Hardwood Floors in a Kitchen

Installing hardwood floors in a kitchen combines timeless elegance with practical functionality. Hardwood flooring brings a warm, inviting look that fits various interior design styles, from rustic to modern. For your kitchen, choose durable and water-resistant hardwood to handle high traffic and moisture. Proper sealing and finishing make them resistant to moisture and spills, ensuring long-lasting beauty. We recommend an engineerd hardwood floor or a waterproof hardwood floor for flooring installation in a kitchen. If you want a cohesive and sophisticated kitchen, hardwood floors are an excellent choice.



colorful cork flooring in a contemporary kitchen


Cork & Bamboo Flooring in Kitchen


When it comes to designing your kitchen, explore all of the options that you have available. If you want an eco-friendly floor made from natural materials, investigate cork flooring and bamboo flooring for fashionable, sustainable styles that will serve your kitchen admirably. The key is matching your needs, desires and budget on one excellent floor. You can always add an area rug to make any hard surface kitchen floor feel softer underfoot, add pattern and texture, as well as alleviate stress on your back from cooking or washing dishes.


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